Current Lab Members

BSc, McGill University

PhD, University of Toronto

Postdoc, University of Cambridge (2007-12), Harvard University (2012-15)



Edwin Chen

Principle Investigator


Jeanne Rivera

PhD Student 

BSc, University of Leeds



BSc, University of Leeds

MSc, University of Leeds



Dominic Lowen

PhD Student 

Lab Alumni

Ghadah Alameer

PhD Student 

BSc, Taibah University

MSc, University of Manchester



Fatima Nadat

Postdoctoral fellow 

BSc, University of Manchester

PhD, University of Leeds



Former Research Staff

April Joy Baral (2016-2018) - currently MRC-funded PhD student at Newcastle University

Rajni Mehta (2016-2018)

Rachael Smyth (2017-2018) - Account Executive at MedNet Group working in healthcare communication

Former Students

Emma Burman (FY3 Project Student, 2018-19) - starting PhD studies at University College London in October, 2019

Jack Stenning (FY3 Project Student, 2017-18) - currently a Research Assistant at University of Cambridge

Nadya Abu-Shanab (FY3 Project Student, 2017-18)

Grainne Donnellan (MSc student, 2017) - currently working as a Scientist at Randox Laboratories

Melina Teske (MSc student, 2017)

Katie Young (MBiol student, 2016-17) - currently a CRUK-funded PhD student at University of Cambridge

Danielle Beeson (FY3 Project Student, 2016-17) - currently working as Scientist at GlaxoSmithKline

Gina Studholme (FY3 Project Student, 2016-17)



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